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Otis Dining Table (Small)

By johngreen.



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Product Description

The Otis table from John Green Designs was specifically and carefully made to act as the perfect complement to the Otis chair. Both were named after the acronym: "Off The Industry Shelf", with each piece conceived from readily available components. The details in the Otis table frame construction mirror those of the chair seamlessly. The frame has been crafted from solid oak to support a variety of tabletop options which are durable and versatile enough to be used for a range of projects. This piece has a linoleum top in a stylish mid-grey. The Otis table is exemplary, showcasing Green's flair for simple and practical design solutions that are ideal for contemporary interior enthusiasts.

Product Details

Height: 73 cm

Length: 80 cm

Width: 80 cm

Material: Solid oak frame with mid-grey Forbo linoleum top.

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