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Ash Wood Bike Hanger

By Naive Noir Furniture





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01. Unique Grain (£69.16), 02. No Front Colour (£64.25), 03. Snow White (£69.16), 04. Victorian Grey (£69.16), 05. Sunglow Yellow (£69.16), 06. Amber (£69.16), 07. Tangerine (£69.16), 08. Poppy Red (£69.16), 09. Pale Pink (£69.16), 10. Moss Green (£69.16), 11. Thyme Green (£69.16), 12. Teal (£69.16), 13. Clover Green (£69.16), 14. Honey Dew Green (£69.16), 15. Noir (£69.16), 16. Ox Blood (£69.16), 17. Dusk Blue (£69.16), 18. Sky Blue (£69.16), 19. Aqua (£69.16)


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Product Description

Our bike hangers are suitable for strong and stable walls like wood or masonry walls. They are not suitable for weak and thin walls like plasterboard/drywall/gypsum walls. The hangers can be used for all bike shapes and forms - you just have to find two support points on your bike under which you'll place the holders. We recommend using our hangers for bikes that are light and weigh under 44lbs/20kg. The size of each hanger is 30x4x4cm. To install our bike hangers you will need a power drill, a drill bit (10mm/0.39" for masonry walls or 6mm/0.24" for wood walls) and a hammer.

The front side of the hangers is made out of polymer clay, 1 mm in thickness, for a greater durability and we offer a range of colours for you to choose from. Each piece is crafted from sustainably sourced ash wood found in Latvia. Each piece is unique and has its own one-of-a-kind pattern that may differ slightly from the images shown.

Product Details

Length: 30 cm

Width: 4 cm

Height: 4 cm

Materials: Ash, polymer clay

Bike hanger set: 2 hangers with inserted screws, 2 flat washers, 2 wall plugs, instructions

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