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Monday, April 9th, 2018
Maximalist Design

Maximalism has been the buzzword on everybody’s lips in 2018. Hoarders and colour enthusiasts (like myself) are jumping for joy, born maximalists it’s finally our time to shine. Think bold prints, vivacious colours and mixed materials blended together in a beautiful melting pot of goodness.

There are a few snags, however: our homes aren’t just a dumping ground for items that we’ve “collected over the years” and apparently having lots of things in one space does not equal a maximalist aesthetic. So we arrive at our first problem, how do we create a functional home, whilst indulging in maximalist fantasies? Secondly, mixing different colours and patterns can be hard to get right under any circumstances, but particularly in a standard issue shoebox home where a cramped and overcrowded look can feel very claustrophobic. So we have problem number two, how do we begin our maximalist journey when space is tight?

Help is at hand! We’ve compiled our favourite styling tips and products to solve the unimaginable task of creating a maximalist home in minimal space.

Try Colour Theory

Colour Theory

You can be as bold as you like but sticking to two or three main colours and working with a complementary palette is your best bet. When we say complementary though, we’re referring to the complementary colour wheel where, as ever, opposites attract. So purple and yellow, blue and orange, pink and green. From this you can also work with analogous colourways, for example, green is analogous to yellow, purple is analogous to pink therefore pink and yellow could work.

Pink & Green

Cabinets of Curiosities

The maximalist look gives us a great excuse to show off our wares, whether it’s a Maneki-Neko that you picked up on your gap year or a Murano glass vase from the charity shop down the road that’s set to make you millions when the Antiques Roadshow is in town.

Parallel Shelving

Displaying pieces you love helps to create a personal space for you, your very own cabinet of curiosities. You could try something like the Comb Shelf to act as a frame for your personal collections. It’s wall mounted too so importantly no excess space is stolen.

Comb Bookshelf White

The Bold & the Beautiful

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, going bold with statement design pieces. These can end up being iconic motifs within your household, a talking point for guests and an easy way to bring personality into your home when space is tight. You can also try bright jewel-coloured velvet sofas, big prints and tassel cushions in combination for a look that’s bold AND luxe.

Our favourite pieces are:

Grey Matter Bookends – these fun and playful concrete bookends from design house Lyon Beton are the perfect addition to any maximalist’s home.

Brain Bookends


The Freakish Wall Clock – stripped back and minimalist in design to create something surprisingly loud and bold. Try the acid yellow, green or pink for a colour pop that can work as a connection to other colours or materials in the room. Freakish Wall Clock

The Blink Light is a design favourite of ours – steam bent wood in the shape of an eye, it’s a quirky addition to any home. Available in 4 finishes, gold, copper, oak or ash alongside a bold array of cords you can mix and match to create a brazen look that’s striking in any home.

Blink Light

Multi-Purpose Furniture

When space is tight people like to get creative and this creativity spawns beautiful design that’s both practical and beautiful. In smaller rooms you should choose multi-purpose furniture that works hard in a space, ideally doubling up to perform more than one task. Our top picks are:

Studio Lorier’s Hybrid Chair

An ingenious design, the Hybrid works as both a desk chair and a lounge seat. Simply slide the mechanism into either the upright or lower position to suit your needs.

Hybrid Chair

iPot by Supercake

The iPot is the perfect solution for urban gardeners – a customisable modular shelving system that’s ideal for modern homes lacking outdoor space. Grow plants in the bags provided or add extra storage to your home with additional shelves to create quite the statement.


Instagram Inspiration

Finally, look to Instagram accounts for inspiration – check out our top 3 accounts:


This woman really knows her stuff, eclectic maximalist and DIY-er, Pati’s account is packed full of useful interiors advice for small rented homes on a tight budget. Sticking to three main colours in her moody dark interior and curating curious collections to create a beautiful family home that’s packed with personality, Pati is one talented lady.

Pati Robins Living Room


An Instagram account dedicated to a green velvet sofa, intrigued? You should be. Nicola Broughton’s flair for interior design combined with business nouse has made her a force to be reckoned with. Embodying Iris Apfel’s philosophy “More is More and Less is Bore”, Nicola’s Instagram account is an homage to moody, vintage interiors as well as championing creative businesses – you can really learn a lot here!

Girl With the Green Sofa


This account is a bit of fun and remember hardcore is not for everybody, but if you’re looking for a curated collection of bright interiors to break up the monotony of your Scandi, minimalist feed then checkout decorhardcore – you won’t regret it!

Decor Hardcore

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